How to Plan a Big Business Event

So, you are planning a big event for your company and are hoping that it will be a huge success. Unfortunately, you have been to enough parties that have turned into utter disasters and you do not want your guest to leave disappointed.

What should you do to ensure that your event is a success?

Start Planning Early

We have all been to parties where the planner or organizer is running around frantically completing tasks that should have been addressed hours earlier. Why do all the tables have forks but no knives? Where exactly can I find a napkin?

All of this confusion can be eliminated if you start planning early to ensure a successful party. You may want to create a checklist and share it with the client to make sure you are including everything necessary for the party. You should also reserve the venue as soon as possible to ensure that it is available.

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You may want to purchase decorations a week or so in advance and show them to the client. If they do not like something, then you have time to return the items and purchase others. If possible, you may also want to decorate the premises the night before and make any last minute adjustments on the day of the party.

Set a Budget

There is nothing that a client hates more than an unexpected expense. If you quote $4000 and then return back to say you need an additional $2000, this can lead to a frustrated client.

Remember to set a budget and share portions of it with the client. You also want to leave room in the budget just in case an added expense pops up. Be realistic with your budget and shop around for the lowest costs.

Delegate Your Responsibilities

Remember, you cannot do everything. Some people can actually help to ensure that the party is a success. Many parties fail because the organizer refuses to delegate many of the tasks. If you are relying on volunteers, ask them to do certain tasks such as decorations or place settings.

If you are an event planner, make sure you hire the appropriate number of people to ensure that the party runs smoothly. If you are on a budget, try hiring college or high school students who will usually work for a lower wage.

Renting Furniture

If you don’t already have the proper furniture needed for the business party, you can seek out a business that could rent furniture to you. This could save you money and you won’t be stuck with unnecessary furniture after the party ends.

Hiring the Right Caterer

We have all been there. Once dinner is served, we take out our silverware, take one bite, and realize the food is completely inedible for a variety of reason. Then, you spend the rest of the night forcing the food into your mouth in hopes of not offending the host.

You can avoid this by hiring a good caterer. You can start by finding one through a series of recommendations from friends and family. After you have narrowed down your choice of caterers, you will want to solidify the menu.

You should also try and do a tasting to see if the food is up to par before signing any contract.

Ultimately, if you plan accordingly and have realistic expectations, then your party will be a success. We understand that some clients can be hard to please but if you stay organized, you can foresee problems before they actually occur.

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