Top 5 Private Dining Trends for Entertaining

If you’re planning a private dining event, there are some ways you can make sure it goes the way you want it. Rather than traditional practices, here are some newer trends in private dining to try.

Downsize Plates and More

Instead of big plates and large portions of food, try to go with something more intricate. Finger food is particularly popular, and mini sandwiches are among the hot items at private dining events today. Also, keep in mind that certain foods such as sushi platters and carving stations are going out of style.

Pair Food with the Right Drinks

In addition to smaller dining, small food and wine pairing have become more popular in recent years. People enjoy having a tiny bite and then sipping on something that pairs well with it.

This way, people can have a bite of finger food, have a drink, and then they’re not burdened with carrying food around, allowing guests more freedom to greet others with a handshake or maybe exchange business cards.

private dining room

Forget Trying to Appeal to All Eaters

Worried about satisfying a vegan or two at your private dining event? This shouldn’t be a primary concern. While you may include a single vegetarian dish, you don’t need to cater to everyone’s needs.

Simple establish that you’re serving what you’re serving. Many people have different dietary constraints, but they can’t expect you to make your event both gluten free and vegetarian, among other things, just to please every guest.

Try to Refrain from Including Six Tables or More

The number of tables that’s considered too many these days is six. Six tables sitting six people isn’t really necessary, particularly seeing as many people at private dining events enjoy walking around and conversing, not sitting down at the same table conversing with the same group all evening.

Having fewer tables means more room to walk around and enable guest interaction. This way everyone feels like they’re a part of a single cohesive event.

Include Mobile Music

Mobile music is popular everywhere, not just at dinner parties, thanks to mobile devices making it easy to set up a playlist and be on the move. A good idea for a private dining event is to have live musicians stroll through the party while they’re hooked up to their devices.

mobile music

This allows them to travel throughout the party, providing entertainment for some guests while leaving others with some quiet space to talk momentarily, rather than being surrounded by centralized live music. Acoustic and Spanish guitar are especially popular today.

These are some of the many popular private dining trends that you’ll be able to make use of for a unique and pleasant event for everyone. You can throw a lavish party or an elegant, calm evening with these practices, making your event unforgettable.

You’ll stand out with a party that keeps guests satisfied and impressed from beginning to end, while helping you remain comfortable in knowing that your event is going the way you want.

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